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Future Auto Color Trends for 2017

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Trends are constantly changing, so make sure you keep up. With the New Year comes new trends for the home, life and even your vehicle. Make sure you know about these amazing car color trends coming up in 2017.

Importance of Colors

Auto trends are constantly changing. The body, the color and the technology seem to morph to something completely new every year. Some years, people tend to stick to basic colors for cars, the next year, people are driving around in bright green and pink vehicles. The color of your vehicle is extremely important. In fact, surveys have concluded that the shade or tint of an automobile plays a huge role in the car that consumers choose to buy.

Colors & Vehicle Types

Colors will more often reflect the type of car. For example, powerful cars with a large engine will come in brighter colors. Red and yellow give people a sense that there is a lot of horsepower under a hood. Silver, gunmetal and black all give the appearance of class and sophistication, and they tend to coat affluent vehicles.

Serving All of Raleigh

The 2017 palette will have categories such as Hyper HD and Knight’s Watch. The Hyper HD is for self-expression and will include bright, dazzling hues of colors like blue, red and green. The Knight’s Watch is for safety and security and will have colors that display confidence, which tend to be earthy tones like brass metal and foliage green.

It looks like 2017 will be the year of everything. Whether you like bright car paint or earthy tones, there will be something for you. The major difference is that these colors will be brighter than ever. Call Coats Auto Body in Raleigh at 919-833-6877, or in Garner at 919-833-0608, for access to our ASE certified technicians and renowned paint brands such as PPG.

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