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Auto Glass Repair

Auto Glass Repair & More in Raleigh, NC

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A broken window can be hazardous as well as unsightly and annoying, especially during the winter months. Whether you've been in an accident or otherwise suffered damage to the glass of your car, Coats Auto Body in Raleigh can help facilitate the repair process. We work with expert companies to provide a wide range of auto glass services, including full windshield replacement when fixing the glass is simply not enough.

Automobile accidents are just one of the many reasons you would need a new windshield. In such instances, the glass may be examined during our collision repair process. Over time, cracked or chipped glass from road debris or other objects can slowly compromise the integrity of the glass. A single, small chip can cause a webbing effect that covers the entire surface. Once this happens, fixing the glass is next to impossible, and a replacement may be necessary.

Windshield Chip Repair in Clayton and Garner
Car in need of auto glass repair in Raleigh, NC
Repairing auto glass can solve issues before they become more complicated. A simple glass chip could grow into an overwhelming problem that could impair your driving as well as compromise the integrity of the windshield. It is easier and much cheaper to fix chipped glass than it is to replace the entire windshield or window.

For most small chips, the process to fix the blemish could take approximately 30 minutes. This could be much faster than having the entire glass replaced, not to mention easier and lower in cost. While some glass cracks may be beyond mending, you may be surprised by how often these problems can be quickly solved.

If you're in Raleigh, Garner or Clayton and in need of glass repair for your automobile, call us today in Raleigh: 919-833-6877, or in Garner: 919-833-0608. Get started comfortably driving your vehicle again without the inconvenience of cracks or other severe damages.

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