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Top 10 Reasons for Car Accidents

Top 10 Reasons for Car Accidents

“Top ten” lists vary, but insurers, lawyers and the professionals at Coats Auto Body of Raleigh would agree on a basic list of top 10 reasons for car accidents. The number one cause of collisions is taking your eyes off the road, or getting distracted. Distraction can occur while taking the wrapper off of a hamburger, noticing a rainbow or attempting to answer a cell phone. Other reasons can include:

crashed car
  1. Not paying attention
    Most states ban texting while driving, but it is not the only possible distraction that causes accidents. Even having an argument while driving can pull your attention away at a critical moment.
  2. Speeding
    The faster you go, the less control you have.
  3. Drunk driving
    It does not take much alcohol for a driver to be too impaired to drive.
  4. Reckless use of a vehicle
    Careless or daredevil driving puts others and yourself in danger.
  5. Changing weather
    Ice, sleet, rain and high winds may all contribute to unsafe driving conditions
  6. Running the light
    Heading straight through a stop sign or rushing a yellow light increases the risk of collision.
  7. Teen drivers
    It is not an “if”; it is a “when.”
  8. Driving at night
    Drivers have less visibility and experience more fatigue at night – a recipe for a collision.
  9. Compromised vehicles
    A vehicle that is in need of repair or one that has a manufacturer’s defect may cause an accident when it malfunctions.
  10. Risky lane changes
    Besides being dangerous, this practice also demonstrates poor driving etiquette.

Get Back to Pre-Wreck Condition or Better in Raleigh, Garner and Clayton

The best way to prevent a collision is by practicing good driving habits. Accidents will happen for the above reasons and many others. It can be difficult to know what to do after a car crash. Call the team at Coats Auto Body in Raleigh: 919-833-6877, or in Garner: 919-833-0608, and let us get you back in top form.

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