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Body-on-Frame vs. Unibody Construction

Body-on-Frame vs. Unibody Construction

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Changes in the manufacturer of automobiles is the norm these days, and advancing technology means that changes go deeper and have more of an impact than ever before. One good example of this is the recent switch from body-on-frame construction to a unibody construction. What prompted this change, and which option is better for you? There are several factors to consider in the body-on-frame vs. unibody construction feud. Discuss the differences with professionals from Coats Auto Body in Raleigh. We are here to help you with your auto body questions.

For a long time, the separation between body and frame was important to the manufacture of automobiles. This method meant that changes could be made without having to redesign entire vehicles for every change. This provided flexibility and kept costs down. This type of construction remains the better choice for hauling and for all-terrain vehicles.

As computer-aided designs advanced, engineers moved to the unibody design for cars. This method of manufacture combines the frame and the body, resulting in better fuel economy, increased performance and improved levels of safety for everyone inside the cabin. In a head-on collision, crumple zones and the force of the kinetic energy of the impact through the body of the car protect the occupants of the car.

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