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Silver: An Ideal Hue for Your Currently White Car

Silver Colored Car
You're tired of your car's basic white hue, and for good reason: white is the most common vehicle color. If you want your own ride to stand out, you must first consider what color will look great on your car. Consider silver, which contains many benefits you can enjoy now and in the future for your vehicle.

Silver Hides Flaws

Silver has a light metallic sheen that has the benefit of hiding minor flaws. Unlike white, which shows nearly every scrape, speck of dust, and any minor flaw in your vehicle, silver will typically reflect light and make an imperfect vehicle body appear more maintained.

If you are simply looking to give your car's exterior a quick upgrade to make your vehicle look newer and nicer, then silver is an ideal option for you. Speak to your vehicle paint specialist if you have any rust or deep dents in your white car before having the vehicle painted silver, as repairs may need to be made first.

Silver Makes Your Car More Attractive to Buyers

Some studies show that many car buyers are attracted to silver and similar car hues because the color reminds people of modern technology. Silver is also popular because it is often associated with luxury and expensiveness, which can be beneficial traits you want associated with your car.

If you want to sell your car in the near future, then painting your vehicle silver can be a wise investment. You can recoup most of your investment back in the sale of your vehicle and make your car more appealing to potential buyers.

Silver Is Easy to Repair

Since silver is not considered a custom car hue and is metallic, the flaws can be easily touched up if any scratches were to be made on your vehicle that are noticeable. But you should still always hire a painting professional to repair any vehicle flaws for you. If you paint over a vehicle scratch or dent on your own, you can risk choosing the wrong shade of silver or applying the paint unevenly, which can make your vehicle look worse.

Silver Is Universal

Silver is a color that looks great on SUVs, trucks, small sedans, and any other style of vehicle. Silver is also a hue that matches with nearly any vehicle interior, so if you have custom leather seats or a dated interior that you worry won't match a more modern exterior hue, consider silver.

Your car painting specialist can show you many different shades of silver to choose from, from a very light silver that is almost a whitish sheen, to a rich pewter silver that is close to metallic black. Your paint or auto body specialist will examine your vehicle and take your budget into account to help you choose the best silver hue for your car.

Silver Is Easy to Clean

White and black vehicles, in particular, are hard to keep clean because the colors show off debris easily. But this isn’t the case with silver. If you want a car hue that will keep you from having to wash your vehicle nearly every day, you should choose silver.

There are many advantages to choosing silver for your vehicle's exterior color. Silver is easy to apply and has a professional finish that looks stunning on nearly any vehicle. Speak to your auto paint specialist before painting your car any shade of silver, and absolutely do not attempt to paint your car on your own to ensure a professional finish.

When you are ready to upgrade from your white car to a more modern shade, keep silver in mind. Our paint specialists at Coats Auto Body and Paint are able to transform your vehicle. Call us today to set an appointment.