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Picking the Right Paint for Your Car

Car Paint Job
Vehicles serve as more than just convenient forms of transportation. For many drivers, a vehicle is an outward expression of their personal sense of style. A vehicle can also serve as a status symbol, letting other drivers know just how successful you are. No matter what role a vehicle plays in your life, protecting your car or truck with the right paint is critical.

Paint acts as a barrier between the elements and the metal frame of your car. A poor paint job can allow moisture to come into contact with your vehicle's frame, producing rust and weakening the integrity of your car.

If you are thinking of applying new paint to your car, you have many paint options. Learning more about the three most popular types of paint will help you pick the paint product that is best suited to meet your aesthetic and protective needs.

Urethane Paint

If you need maximum protection for your vehicle, then a urethane paint product is your
best option.

Urethane paints are divided into two categories, polyurethane and polyether paints. Both categories give your vehicle a durable paint finish that can withstand scratching or chipping when exposed to flying debris.

Urethane paints are also capable of standing up to ultraviolet rays. This means that your vehicle's urethane paint finish will not fade when exposed to direct sunlight. Because urethane paints provide a great deal of protection for your vehicle's exterior, these paint products are well suited for any vehicle that you use as a daily driver.

Metallic Paint

When your vehicle is designed to make a statement, you might want a special paint job that helps draw attention to your car or truck. Metallic paint products can help you achieve your aesthetic goals.

A metallic paint is created by adding metal flakes to the paint mixture. Depending on the size of the metal flakes, different effects can be achieved. Metallic paints are highly reflective. This quality allows them to showcase the elegant curves and contours of luxury, sports, or
muscle cars.

You can opt for a glittering metallic paint, or you can invest in a pearlescent metallic paint that appears as a slightly different color depending on the viewing angle. Metallic paints can be more expensive to apply than urethane paints, but a quality metallic paint job can add value to
your vehicle.

Acrylic Paint

Cars have been painted with acrylic paint for many years. Although this paint is not the most durable, it does have the ability to produce a high-gloss finish. Because of the glossiness of the finish, acrylic paints are popular among car restorers and show vehicle enthusiasts.

If you are planning to restore a classic car or invest in a vehicle that you can take to local car shows, then investing in acrylic paint can help you give your vehicle that high quality, showroom finish.

Acrylic paints always need to be covered with a special enamel to help them resist chipping and fading. Because an acrylic paint is more vulnerable to damage, these paint products are best reserved for vehicles that see limited time on public roadways.

Picking the perfect paint for your vehicle can be labor intensive. You need to consider more than just the color you want; you need to think about how the new paint will stand up to driving conditions and how it will complement your vehicle's aesthetic.

At Coats Auto Body and Repair, we have a variety of paint products available. Come in to one of our locations today, and let us help you identify the paint that will be best suited to protect your vehicle's exterior and provide you with the look you desire.