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4 Ways Choosing a Professional Dent Repair Can Save You Money

Red Car Door With Dents
Most vehicle owners realize that it's prudent to choose a professional dent repair over an amateur one, but when the amateur one is labeled DIY, it can be hard to resist the lure of paying absolutely no money at all for the repair. However, it's actually a misconception that a DIY repair saves you money. It can actually have quite a lot of hidden costs.

Here are four things you can save money on if you choose a professional dent repair instead of trying your hand at DIY.

1. Buying Tools

Sure, you could choose the cheapest DIY kit you can find, but skimping on tools and supplies here is unlikely to yield a satisfactory result. If you want to achieve an actual DIY repair and don't have professional-quality dent repair materials in your garage already, you'll need to shell out some money for good supplies.

Obviously, you won't have to spend extra time and money on expensive tools, or waste space in your garage, on something you might only use a couple of times in your life if you choose professional repair.

2. Insurance Coverage

If your insurance policy covers dent repair even partially, taking your damaged car to a repair shop is an extremely good deal. And if you have accident forgiveness coverage, you could be able to keep the claim from increasing your premiums at all.

In addition, many repair shops offer paintless dent removal. If your car is eligible for this service, you could end up saving even more money.

3. Warranty

DIY repair tools may guarantee the actual products against defects, but they can't guarantee your skills or your results. First of all, a DIY repair is less reliable than a professional one. Secondly, the company actually has no idea whether you have the necessary skills or not. So if you don't get good results, you're still out the money you paid.

In contrast, a professional body shop has carefully trained and vetted professionals with the right skills and equipment to produce a reliable, predictable success each time.

4. Future Repairs

One characteristic of body damage is that it can go deeper than you'd think. In some cases, when you take such a dent in for repairs, the professionals will realize there's more damage underneath and will go ahead and repair that too so you get it taken care of all in one go. If you attempt to do it yourself, you may not realize this damage has occurred.

Even if your DIY dent repair seems to work, you may need to go to a professional mechanic for repairs later  And it means your car could be more susceptible to further damage while hidden damage remains. If your car gets in another wreck, not only could you be at increased risk of bodily harm, but your car could need more expensive repairs than if you'd invested in professional dent repair.

These are just four of the ways that a professional dent repair can save you money, whether you need a simple paintless dent repair or a more involved restoration. Other benefits include slowing car depreciation and saving you the time it would take you to research and perform a DIY repair.

Whether you have a small dent or scratch or a more extensive one, we want you to feel comfortable contacting Coats Auto Body and Paint for your dent removal needs. Browse our website to learn more about us and get in touch with us today to inquire about our services. We're here for you with a full range of auto body services and even emergency service.