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Rust On Your Vehicle? What You Need To Do


If it feels more like you're driving a rust bucket around than your actual vehicle, then it's time to address the rusty areas of your car. Rust forms when the metal on your car is exposed to prolonged moisture. Salt on the roads during winter can also cause rusting of the undercarriage and sides of your vehicle due to chemical reactions of the salt minerals.


4 Practices for Keeping Your Car's Paint Job Beautiful


There is nothing like the look of a shiny, spotless car with a gleaming paint job. That is why so many vehicle owners work hard to maintain their vehicle's pristine exterior. Keeping your car beautiful requires you to exercise extra care and avoid certain behaviors that can ruin the paint job. Below are four of the best practices for maintaining your vehicle's flawless appearance.


What You Should Know About Using A Clay Bar On Your Car's Finish


If you have ever seen an auto detailer or do-it-yourselfer applying a clay bar to a car finish, it may have given the appearance of a child rolling play dough. However, rest assured the use of a clay bar is serious work and can have fantastic results by restoring a beautiful paint job. Below is more information on this still somewhat unknown automotive detailing technique and how you can use it to maximize the appearance of your vehicle's exterior.

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Why Your Car Dents Need Prompt and Professional Repair


When you think about potential car damage, dents and scratches may not cause you much concern. Many vehicle owners put off these repairs because the issues seem small or cosmetic. Other drivers attempt to DIY their cars back into pristine condition.

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